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Judith Ong has been creating cards since 2003 when she started a women’s project in Thailand called The Jaab Design Company. The project was super successful and exported cards all over the world.

Judith arrived back in the UK in 2020 and founded FromJude Cards. All FromJude Cards are now designed and fully made in the UK.

In loving memory of her mother, whom she lost to Breast Cancer when she was just 17 years-old, Judith has always supported Breast Cancer Awareness and donated a part of the proceeds from the sales of the cards to her chosen Breast Cancer charity.

After working for many years in the fashion industry, it was through her creativity that she found a passion for designing greeting cards.

Judith designs every card meticulously, drawing upon inspiration from the wonderful experiences and people around her. Her designs deeply touch people’s hearts and often become keepsakes, sometimes even getting framed.

It’s very exciting to see FromJude flourish and make such a lively impact in the market in such a short space of time.

We are hugely grateful

A Note FromJude…

This is me when I started designing cards way back in 2003. I worked with handmade paper from a lovely woman’s initiative, who taught women how to make paper in the slums of Bangkok. They collected wastepaper from all the office towers in the area and dyed the pulp into vibrant colours. It was the most beautiful paper I have worked on. That’s how our colourful Classic Collection was born. I then matched the paper with handwoven textiles made by the hilltribe women in the north of Thailand. That first trip to the North was so inspiring. Toddler in tow, we went to the mountains and met women who wove beautiful textiles. It beat Paris Fashion Week hands down! It’s good to remember how things started… I loved every moment of those days. And now as I begin all over again with FromJude, I can say hand on heart I still feel that amazing buzz. It’s a privilege to be able to do what I do and work with all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way

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